Day 23

Live from Meidling

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Reading by Bettina Balàka

In the course of her research for the Festwochen in Meidling project, it transpired from listening to some of the residents that what made the district of Meidling so exceptional, its trademark as it were, is that it’s so inconspicuous. Austrian writer Bettina Balàka elected to take a closer look at Vienna’s 12thmunicipal district as she embarked on her journey through the ages retracing its history. It’s a search for traces that rediscovered long-forgotten aspects and uncovered buried memories as well as faded or effaced events inscribed in the city’s history. The result is a palimpsest of overlaid writings, buildings and stories.

Join us as we follow the live stream of Bettina Balàka’s reading, direct from Wirtshaus Assmayer.

Here you can read the full text Palimpsest Meidling in German.

The Austrian daily Der Standard is to publish an abridged version of the text in its Album section on June 20.

Construction Choir Collectiv. A musical intervention in Meidling

The Construction Choir Collective combines conventional (experimental) forms of singing with other performative and artistic practices to give rise to alternative perceptions of artistic, spatial situations and situations from everyday life.

Commissioned by the Wiener Festwochen to curate an event in Meidling, czirp czirp invited the Construction Choir Collective to stage a performance in the public space. The choir will explore Meidling’s urban landscape through a musical intervention that includes improvisation, singing, movement, and vocal interaction, with a musical nod to this year’s Wiener Festwochen programme.

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