Day 29

A video for Mary Jane Leach and music by Sarah Davachi

Overview digital gestures

The video Bruckstück (flutes) is a tribute to New York composer Mary Jane Leach created by the artists Raphael Haider and Marlene Posch specially for Festwochen 2020 reframed. The piece is an interpretation by flautist Manuel Zurria of the composition originally written in 1989 for an eight-member choir and was selected jointly with Mary Jane Leach. In its colours and reduced form the video is reminiscent of the dazzling white of the Otto Wagner Church in Steinhof, and its elegant, linear movements render the audible visible. The lighting concept was developed by Raphael Haider and Marlene Posch for the concert evening we had planned at Steinhof.

There is also the composition If It Pleased Me To Appear To You Wrapped In This Drapery for you to listen to, which would have been presented by composer Sarah Davachi in an extended and enhanced version at the 2020 Wiener Festwochen.

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