Day 4

Greetings from Farm Fatale

Overview digital gestures

In the post-human future of Farm Fatale five scarecrows miss the birds, which have all disappeared. Rendered redundant, the scarecrows focus on doing radio instead, and together they discuss potential forthcoming broadcasts. A feature on genetically modified carrots? A programme on cruelty? Perhaps it might be better to go and scare off the neighbour instead, the one who’s polluting the soil by spraying insecticides? French artist Philippe Quesne, renowned for his inventive set designs, has created an evening of theatre that’s as magical as it is ironic, as activist as it is melancholy, and as gentle as it is catastrophic. In the artificial setting of a white stage, straw bales lie around like props from a bygone age. Our own age. Reflecting topical ecological and political issues in a poetic form, Philippe Quesne transformed one scene of Farm Fatale into a message referring to the current situaion.

© Martin Argyroglo bearbeitet von Philippe Quesne 2020
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