Day 13

Film documenting the creative process behind Du Sale !

Overview digital gestures

In the film, by the time the rapper Laetitia Kerfa says: ‘Normality is killing me’, we’re already deep into the production process underpinning DU SALE ! With her Letter to the Viennese, French director Marion Siéfert and her artistic partner Matthieu Bareyre give us a very personal insight into her rehearsals with two exceptional performers and their quest for their own personal identity. On stage, rapper Laetitia Kerfa searches for the truth through her rap lyrics and encounters the figure of Lady Macbeth. Her stage partner, Litefeet dancer Janice Bieleu, opts for stillness and the human body as her own personal means of expression. With her keen instincts and her gift for micro-observations, Siéfert has taken a gamble with her theatre experiment, but ultimately it pays off handsome dividends. Much like this Letter to the Viennese, which proves to be far more than a modest substitute for the performances that should have taken place in Vienna.

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