Day 15

And if I devoted my life to one of its feathers? – The exhibition's eponymous poem

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And if I devoted my life to one of its feathers? is the title of the major joint exhibition by the Wiener Festwochen and Kunsthalle Wien, and today we should have been celebrating its official launch. Even if the group exhibition curated by Miguel A. López with works by more than 35 artists from all over the world can now only be shown in full in 2021, a Prologue in the Public Space invites you to discover some of its voices and themes throughout Vienna’s urban space from June 1.

The title references a quote by the Cecilia Vicuña, a Chilean poet and activist who urges us to weave aesthetic and spiritual threads between people and nature. A poetic question provides the entry point to the exhibition and its prologue. Both examine artistic practices that counter the destructive ways in which the legacies of colonialism, entangled with patriarchy and extractive capitalism, continue to produce suffering and environmental disaster on a global scale.

"Precarious" by Cecilia Vicuña

And if I devoted my life
to one of its feathers
to living its nature
being it understand it
until the end?

Reaching a time
in which my acts
are the thousands
tiny ribs
of the feather
and my silence
the humming the whispering
of wind in the feather
and my thoughts
sharp precise
as the non-thoughts
of the feather?

(1971, translated by Eliot Weinberg)

"Precarious" written and recorded by Cecilia Vicuña

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