Day 35

Duet of two dancers from A Quiet Evening of Dance

Overview digital gestures

This choreography by William Forsythe was created in 2016 as a commission for 3e Scène, the third – digital – stage of the Paris Opera, and designed especially with the virtual space in mind. In Alignigung Riley Watts and Rauf ‘Rubberlegz’ Yasit intertwine their bodies into optical puzzles. Both dancers have been working with Forsythe for many years and, independently of one another, have pursued all manner of choreographic strategies for ‘threading’ their own bodies, combined here for this particular choreography. The title Alignigung is also a threading of two languages: the English word ‘align’, which sounds like the German word ‘allein’ (alone), has been inserted into the German word ‘Einigung’, which means agreement. To quote William Forsythe: So the ‘threaded’ result is a pun and a hybrid, which could mean aligning in agreement with oneself and another, on one’s own.’

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