Eva Horn
Latencies, tipping points, catastrophes
Experiences of time in the Anthropocene
Location: USUS am Wasser
Language: German
Duration: 60 min
12. Sep
Time: 2pm
© Helmut Gruenbichler

    This keynote looks at the contradictory experiences of time in our present age. On the one hand, a permanent state of high alert, crisis-driven rhetoric, and the expectation of an apocalypse; on the other, a certain confidence that everything will carry on as before, forever. The coronavirus is something of a hiatus in this experience of time: the experience of an interruption, of falling out of time, but also a sense of being completely unprepared. What can we learn from this experience of time for the ecological and political challenges posed by the Anthropocene?

    Cultural and literary scholar Eva Horn is a university professor at the Department of German Studies and the Director of the Vienna Anthropocene Network at the University of Vienna.

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