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Curd Duca
Der Klang des Festes
An Audio-Performance
Location brut nordwest

Registration will be carried out on site

Admission free
11. September
Time 9pm
© Alice Brunnquell

    This atmospheric sound collage can be interpreted as a longitudinal section through the festival’s history. Seventy excerpts representing its different eras and style epochs. The aura is the message: messages from the inventory of our collective (un)consciousness. The sound material is considered, in highlights and snapshots, turned around, flipped over, hard-cut, and released in collision montages. A work in progress. A meditation. A firework.

    Der Klang des Festes is one of four works commissioned on the 70-year history of the Wiener Festwochen, for which the festival opened up its archives for research purposes. Inspired by a piece of Festwochen history, local artists are to present one sketch for the stage each, on four consecutive evenings. Artistic explorations of history will be created using various resources such as music, language, stage design, and performance.

    The performance is part of MITTEN am Abend, a four-day series that combines lectures, performances and music into a highly diverse programme.

    • Artistic Team

      Concept, Idea Curd Duca

    • Biography

      Curd Duca is an Austrian musician, composer, and author. From his background in 1990s experimental techno, he generates soundscapes of acoustic and digital sounds, which are then modulated, dissected, and re-contextualised. waves 1, the first part of his new trilogy, has just been released.

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