Curd Duca

© Alice Brunnquell


Curd Duca, born 1955, is a musician, composer, and author. He creates improvised music and soundscapes from acoustic and digital sounds (digital-analogue music). He became known on the experimental electronic scene in the 1990s, most prominently through his record series elevator, which was released on the Frankfurt label Mille Plateaux. In 2000, he began to focus on the writing of aphorisms, poems, and rhythmic prose. His ‘symbolist audio poetry’ evolves at the intersection of word and sound art. In 2016, he returned to music with performances at the Donaueschingen Festival and the Meakusma Festival. The waves record trilogy was released in 2020 on the Cologne label Magazine. His work for the Wiener Festwochen combines the minimal and the monumental, the analogue and the synthetic, the haptic and the gestural, to form a subjective whole.

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