Anna Mendelssohn
A solo-climate-summit
Location: USUS am Wasser
Language: English
Duration: 30 min
12. Sep
Time: 4pm
© Tim Tom

    Cry Me A River is a solo about inner and outer climate catastrophes. Walking on the thin ice between the personal and the political, the piece deals with the complexity of climate change communication and its rhetoric. Playing with the monologue format, it focuses on the multiplicity of talking heads, voices and opinions buzzing around this topic. She cries. And dances now and again. Emotions such as fear, anger, hope, and despair, strongly connected with visions of a changing climate, are chemically reproduced or bio-engineered whenever necessary. What do my tears have in common with those of the glaciers?

    Anna Mendelssohn studied acting in the UK and has performed on stage in more than 30 pieces by the Vienna troupe toxic dreams. She also works in film and as a narrator. Her own work Cry Me A River premiered in 2010 at the Tanzquartier in Vienna and toured almost exclusively on the international scene. Ten years later, it is now on show again in Vienna in an abridged version, the theme of the performance having lost nothing of its topicality.

    • Artistic Team

      Concept, Performance Anna Mendelssohn Artistic Collaboration Yosi Wanunu With music by Jorge Sánchez-Chiong Light Design Jan Maertens Technics Edgar Aichinger

    • Production

      In co-operation with Tanzquartier Wien Funded by Stadt Wien Kultur, Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur With support of PACT Zollverein (Essen) Thanks to toxic dreams

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