Club of the Republic
Hase, Eberdreck, Topsy Turvy, Low Life Rich Kids, KüRAMU, DJ Katharina Seidler,
Carmy, Carter The Bandit, Dacid Go8lin, KiRo the DJ, Braidedmarch, Simóne, TAY-LAH, Euroteuro, DJ Fritz Ostermayer, Mzamo Nondlwana & Ensemble
Admission free

limited capacity, it´s first come, first served

21 June
Time from 10pm
21 June
Time from 10pm
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The Rote Bar and the Weißer Salon at Volkstheater will be the place for all revellers to meet at night when they have still not had enough of the festival events and want to continue celebrating the community, life, the evening. This is where artists and audience will meet at concerts, performances and unbridled parties. On Fridays, local and international musicians will contribute their beats to the pulse of the Republic.

  • Friday, 14 June, from 10pm AUTOGRILL AND HAUTE CUISINE Euroteuro, DJ Fritz Ostermayer

    Viennese collective EUROTEURO created a perpetual earworm for all Italophile espresso-fans with their summer hit AUTOGRILL. They represent light-footed electropop as much as the distinctive Viennese banter – the city and the Wiener Lied/Neue Deutsche Welle revival are hard to imagine without them. Their expressive dada pop is as ironic as it is earnestly subversive. DJ Fritz Ostermayer, eternal radio-maker and moderator (e.g., Im Sumpf on FM4) as well as artistic director at schule für dichtung, will take us up to the depths of high culture music production and down to the lower instincts of mangy entertainment. In the end, there’ll have been a whiff of frankincense and cheap Schnapps, high mass and downfall.

  • Friday, 21 June, from 10pm THE OTHER MARY’S ROOM Mzamo Nondlwana & members of the ensemble of: The Gospel According to the Other Mary

    In John Adams' operatic oratorio The Gospel According to the Other Mary, two sisters – Martha and Maria – have set up a communal living space to house people in need, surviving on minor donations and minor miracles. This is a possible answer to how we might find solace and care in a landscape as rough as our world of today has become. The team and singers of The Gospel According to The Other Mary at Volksoper Vienna have joined hands with South African performer Mzamo Nondlwana in order to create a space that reflects the home established by Maria and Martha. They will use this evening at Club of the Republic to weave together music, dance, processions and communal practices, bringing the audience closer in touch with that which Maria and Martha achieved, the utopias they aspired to. Going beyond the communal space, they will evoke a communal time of celebration.

    Featuring Mzamo Nondlwana, Mwojo Dziruni, Wallis Giunta, Katia Ledoux, Adela Maharani, Edu Rojas, Laura Rosenstone, Vivos Tanzmeister, Jasmin White, Cristina Emelina Sandino Rossmann, Jaye Simmons and the artistic team of The Gospel According to the Other Mary

  • Friday, 24 May, from 10pm RAW REPUBLIC Hase, Eberdreck, Topsy Turvy

    Hase, Eberdreck and Topsy Turvy are three times three punks. The latter are about to release their album (titled Butt Sore) with Siluh Records and will begin the evening. Their punk in pop garb will prepare the stage for the trio Eberdreck and the counterpart Hase, who have in common their energy as well as the brevity of their announcements: Hase describe themselves as ‘dangerous d-punk-almost-80ies-hardcore-weirdo-showdown group from Graz’; Eberdreck from Linz announce ‘dilitant theatre punk, basically pro. And bless.’, already implying a supposed play. It’ll be rough, loud and in your face!

  • Friday, 31 May, from 10pm ProtestSongFest | in cooperation with FM4 Low Life Rich Kids, KüRAMU, DJ Katharina Seidler

    Low Life Rich Kids are Mara Romei, Coco Brell and Bernhard Eder (who for his part also features in the Kraus Lecture 3 Blaubart - eine Offenbachiade) and they were finalists in this year’s protest song contest (with their song Anti-Woke-Generation). Their debut single Angst climbed to number three on the FM4 charts. And Paralysiert is chock-a-block with sad news, climate crisis, social media. What’s next? Low Life Rich Kids will reveal all tonight. Kür is singer-songwriter Maryna Marmazinskaya, who won the protest song contest by a wide margin last year with her song Ljudi (people). She came to Vienna because of the war in Ukraine as a 19-year-old who had no idea ‘how things will go on, but life goes on and I just keep running along.’ KürAMU are Maryna Marmazinskay and bassist, drummer and kokle-player Uma Krūmiņa from Latvia. On their way to their aspired ‘existence as superstars’, they share their very personal sounds and worries with us. To close the evening, Katharina Seidler, music journalist for FM4 and member of the Im Sumpf team (together with Fritz Ostermayer and Thomas Edlinger) will assemble a DJ set of songs that celebrate protest as a party between rage and empowerment.

  • Friday, 7 June, from 10pm FEMME DMC London Edition Carmy, Carter The Bandit, Dacid Go8lin, KiRo the DJ, Braidedmarch, Simóne, TAY-LAH

    Femme DMC is a project around hip-hopper Dacid Go8lin dedicated to the empowerment of womxn in music, art, culture and research. With a London edition, Dacid Go8lin is continuing the international network with the aim of giving each other strength and courage and joining hands to develop innovative solutions to challenges ahead. Look forward to TAY-LAH, the rising singer from Vienna with Croatian and Nigerian roots, who embodies a unique fusion of various musical genres including reggaeton, afrobeat and R&B and will share the stage with Dacid Go8lin, to rapper Carter The Bandit, who unites UK rap and the ballroom vogue community, to soul singer Carmy Love and to Simóne, street artist and rapper from Vienna. Specialising in old skool and new skool dancehall, trap bashment, afrobeats and old school RnB, KiRo The DJ will be on the turntables.

    Unfortunately, Nicalto had to cancel their performance. Instead, we are looking forward to Braidedmarch from Vienna!

Artistic Team

Curatorial Advise Herwig Zamernik, Christian König

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