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Laia Fabre, Thomas Kasebacher / notfoundyet
Location brut nordwest
Language German and English
Price EUR 25 (Registration fee)
8. September
12. September
Time 2pm - 5pm
© Susanna Hofer
  • Participation

    The Lab is aimed at anyone interested in linking artistic and culinary practices. No previous experience necessary.

  • Registration

    By July 4th via email to mitten@festwochen.at (subject: CALDO), with a few words about why you are interested in the lab topic and who you are. This information will enable the lab leaders to prepare and, in the event of more applications, to select twelve participants.

    Applicants will be notified of their selection by July 18th.

CALDO is a performative food project based around a very special product: bone broth. All the ingredients for the broth that takes 18 hours to cook are sourced locally, with the ideas of zero waste and sustainability in mind. As a social and educational space, CALDO underscores not just the culinary aspect, but also the health benefits of the dish. Together with their workshop participants, Vienna-based artists Laia Fabre and Thomas Kasebacher explore the ideas of duration and sustainability as they cook the broth on site.

Open Call

Broth takes time. Time to be prepared, time to be consumed. The temporality and duration of making broth lends itself to exploring ideas of slowness and attentiveness, to strengthening the connections between art, food, and body, and to celebrating the concept of spending time, bridging it, and enjoying it. How can we make use of the specific timeframe in which the broth takes shape? How does a process inform a product?

The CALDO Lab is aimed at anyone interested in combining culinary and artistic practices. In collaboration with a Viennese cook, Laia Fabre and Thomas Kasebacher invite participants to consider not just the concept of time, but also the aspects of zero-waste cooking and local production as key factors for the future. Culinary practices and investigative art will be combined using the ingredients and the properties of the broth: we will cook, serve, and savour ... liquid gold.

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