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Basel-based Boris Nikitin is a director, author, essayist and curator. He directs stage productions of the international independent theatre circuit as well as at German-language city theatres and moreover is the artistic director of the festival It’s The Real Thing – Basel Documentary Platform. For the past twelve years, Nikitin’s work has been reflecting on the representation of identity and reality, always searching for the transgressive borderland between theatre of illusion and unmediated performance, between genuine document and fake. For many of his projects, framing is essential: For example, he directed a real mass in a Mormon church (How to win friends & influence people, Freiburg 2014), put well-known opera singers on a fake rehearsal stage (Sänger ohne Schatten, Ruhrtrienniale 2014) or made the entrance audition of applicants for the Otto Falckenberg School of the Performing Arts in Munich part of the programme of Münchner Kammerspiele (Das Vorsprechen, 2015). His more recent pieces Hamlet (2016) and Martin Luther Propagandastück (2016), which were also shown on international tours, as well as his Aufführung einer gefälschten Predigt über das Sterben (Staatstheater Nürnberg 2018) focus on the interrelationship of illness, vulnerability and reality. In 2017, Boris Nikitin was awarded the J.M.R. Lenz Prize for Drama of the City of Jena.

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