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Michikazu Matsune
Location brut nordwest
Language English
Price 25 Euro (Teilnahmegebühr)
8. September
12. September
© Michikazu Matsune
  • Participation

    This Lab is aimed at professional performers and dancers.

    Others also have the possibility of taking part in this project online and of meeting Michikazu Matsune in 1:1 Sessions so they can share and contribute their story. No specific skills are required beside an interest in answering the listed questions.

  • Registration Lab

    by July 4 via email to mitten@festwochen.at (subject: My name and me), enclosing a CV. This information will enable the artist to prepare the Lab and, in the event of more applications, to select twelve participants.

    Applicants will be notified of their selection by July 18.

  • 1:1 Session

    Dates: 30-minute session over the period 8. – 12. September, 2 pm to 6 pm
    Location: brut nordwest
    Language: German or English

    Participants interested in a 1:1 interview session with Michikazu
    Matsune should apply in writing to names@michikazumatsune.info to
    arrange a date and to to receive more information on the project.

Between my name and me is based on the simple idea of asking 100 people from Vienna to share small anecdotes about their first names. The unspectacularly spectacular details of these personal stories form a collective portrait. Michikazu Matsune collects the anecdotes in individual conversations and, in a performative lab, explores together with a group of performers how stories and actions can be composed around these anecdotes, creating a realm of performative reality out of the narratives.

Open Call

What’s your name? And why? What does it mean? How do you experience having the name you have? Does it define you? Do you have a nickname? Michikazu Matsune’s project Between my name and me is based on the simple idea of asking people to share small episodes about their given names. Full of unspectacularly spectacular anecdotes, these personal stories evolve into a collective portrait of diverse individuals.

Based on this long-term project, Michikazu Matsune is leading a workshop on the theme of ‘stories and actions’. With name-stories as their starting point, the participants will investigate more topics and experiment with narratives in the realm of a performative reality. The Lab is recommended for performers and dancers of an advanced level.

The results of Between my name and me will go into a book and an installation later this year, featuring the name-stories of 100 people based in Vienna.

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