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Kate McIntosh, Toisissa Tiloissa / Other Spaces
Location brut nordwest
Language English
Price EUR 25 (Registration fee)

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5. September
7. September
Time 11am - 6pm
© Kate Mc Intosh
© Achim Reissner

    Many artists find the fact of actively involving the public highly appealing – but to what end and, above all, how should they do it? Kate McIntosh has chosen to get hands-on and, together with a group of performers and artists, experiment with physical and sensory interaction. And to ensure that the creative sparks really fly, she has invited an exponent of the Finnish collective Other Spaces as her lab partner. Using their participatory practices as the starting point, the two experts explore the methodology and ethics of audience guidance, agency and bewilderment.


    A hands-on and experiential workshop, about inviting audiences into physical and sensory interactions – why they should do it, and how to approach it. Kate McIntosh and Toisissa Tiloissa / Other Spaces will introduce their different practices (in which audiences can become mushrooms and superclusters, or smash objects and collaborate in the dark) – opening up the work to explore their methods and the questions that arise about audience guidance and agency, bewilderment, simplicity, and the ethics of performative self-cultivation.

    During the Lab, participants will be involved in experiential exercises and methodological discussions stemming from the practices of workshop leaders Kate McIntosh and Toisissa Tiloissa / Other Spaces, as well as designing and discussing their own proposals.

    The Lab is suited to performance and art makers with a practice of physically involving audiences, or with an interest in developing this possibility in their work. It might also be of interest to other practitioners who design immersive spaces and experiences, i.e. scenographers, therapists, teachers, etc., who are keen to approach their work from a performative perspective.

    • Biographies

      Born in 1974 in New Zealand, Kate McIntosh is a Brussels-based artist active at the interfaces of performance, theatre, video and installation. Since 2004, she has been developing stage plays, and transdisciplinary works that address the physicality of, as well as the relations between, performers and audiences and delve into the manipulation of objects and materials. Kate McIntosh is a co-founder of the artist-run production and research platform SPIN as well as of the performance collective Poni and, currently, artist-in-residence at the Brussels Kaaitheater. She studied performance and creative research at Roehampton University and regularly teaches performative practices in the context of various programmes. The production Although We Fell Short by Kate McIntosh and Tim Etchells was shown at the performance parcours Unruhe der Form of Wiener Festwochen 2013.

      Other Spaces is a Live Art collective founded in Helsinki, Finland, in 2004. It consists of some 20 artists working in various fields of art. The core of the work of Other Space is based on collective body exercises that bring their practitioners into contact with different non-human forms of being and experiencing, thus allowing them to visit ‘other spaces’. During the group’s participatory performances, audience members will, among other things, transform themselves into imaginary beings, form a Great Barrier Reef together, embody the largest structures in the universe, look at art from the point of view of extra-terrestrial beings, or roam about as a pack of reindeer. Other Spaces collective is part of Theater Info Finland International mobility development project LUO (supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland)

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