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Philine Rinnert, Bernhard Fleischmann
Location brut nordwest

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8. September
Time 9pm
© Daniel Heer
© Walter Mussil
© Philine Rinnert

    Theatre stages are temporary places where stories, images, and spaces appear and disappear once again. Music, too, can only be experienced in its full intensity in the moment. ARISE is a quest for the force that underlies this movement – between its creation, communal experience, and destruction. Scenographer Philine Rinnert and musician Bernhard Fleischmann reflect the inadequacy of the archive in tackling the ephemeral nature of theatre – and see it not as a loss, but as a possibility for something new.

    ARISE is one of four works commissioned on the 70-year history of the Wiener Festwochen, for which the festival opened up its archives for research purposes. Inspired by a piece of Festwochen history, local artists are to present one sketch for the stage each, on four consecutive evenings. Artistic explorations of history will be created using various resources such as music, language, stage design, and performance.

    The performance is part of MITTEN am Abend, a four-day series that combines lectures, performances and music into a highly diverse programme.

    • Artistic Team

      Space Philine Rinnert Music Bernhard Fleischmann

    • Biographies

      Stage designer Philine Rinnert works for musical theatre and performance, developing site-specific installations. Bernhard Fleischmann is a musician. Besides numerous publications and concerts, he has also worked regularly for film and theatre since 2001. Together with author Gerhild Steinbuch, they form the performance collective Freundliche Mitte.

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