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Silvia Bottiroli
An experience that belongs to nobody
Location brut nordwest
Language English

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9. September
Time 8pm
© Paride Piccinini

    Arts festival are sites of encounters and discoveries, sites for what is by definition uncertain, undefined and undecidable. They allow us – humans, citizens, visitors, artistic community, spectators – to recognise how our life is a coexistence of and with multiple beings and narratives. Ultimately, festivals promise an experience that belongs to nobody and can affect everybody. How can such an experience be produced and felt? And what can it do to those who linger in it, to the collective constellations they form?

    To coincide with the questions about the future that the Wiener Festwochen have chosen to address, the festival has invited four personalities to give inspiring keynote presentations. Drawing on outstanding artistic, curatorial and academic practices, the lectures held on four consecutive evenings are certain to unleash the imagination.

    As part of the Predictably Unpredictable lab, which reflects on the festival of the future, the issues raised will be explored further the following day. The keynotes are part of MITTEN am Abend, a four-day series that combines lectures, performances and music into a highly diverse programme.

    • Biografie

      Silvia Bottiroli curates, researches and teaches in the field of performing arts, focusing on the political dimension of performativity and viewership. Her work has taken her to universities and festivals throughout Europe. Between 2012 and 2016 she directed the Santarcangelo Festival and, since 2018, has been artistic director of the DAS Theatre Programme at the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

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