Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha
Language Portuguese with German and English surtitles
Duration 90 min
Price EUR 20
Vergangene Termine
25. August
Time 8pm
26. August
Time 8pm
27. August
Time 8pm
28. August
Time 8pm
29. August
Time 8pm
30. August
Time 8pm
31. August
Time 8pm
Weitere Termine
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  • Evening programme

    To download the evening programme, please click here.

  • Q & A

    29 August, following the performance

Since 2013, actor and director Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha has been pursuing her artistic research project Margens. On Rivers, Buiúnas and Fireflies, studying Brazil’s river landscapes at risk from mankind’s intervention. In Altamira 2042 she encounters the Xingu River, one of the main tributaries of the Amazon.
Its impoundment as part of a construction project is causing irreversible destruction to rainforest regions and poses a massive threat to indigenous groups. In this gripping, performative installation, human and non-human voices sound over loudspeakers, forming into a techno-shamanistic ritual against extinction in the name of progress. The gushing of water. The noise of machinery. The stories told by the river dwellers. And the testimonies of the displaced. As master of ceremonies, Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha provides a stage for the many-voiced Xingu River. ‘If the river itself could talk, it would cry. Because it does not speak, it suffers everything in silence.’

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  • Artistic Team

    Conception Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha Direction Gabriela Carneiro Da Cunha, Xingu River Artistic Advice Cibele Forjaz Assistant Direction João Marcelo Iglesias, Clara Mor, Jimmy Wong Artistic collaboration Dinah De Oliveira, Sonia Sobral With texts by Raimunda Gomes Da Silva, João Pereira Da Silva, Povos Indígenas Araweté E Juruna, Bel Juruna, Eliane Brum, Antonia Mello, Mc Rodrigo / Poeta Marginal, Mc Fernando, Thais Santi, Thais Mantovanelli, Marcelo Salazar, Lariza Technology, Programming, Automation Bruno Carneiro, Computadores Fazem Arte. Multimedia design Bruno Carneiro, Rafael Frazão. Images Eryk Rocha, Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha, João Marcelo Iglesias, Clara Mor, Cibele Forjaz Video editing João Marcelo Iglesias, Rafael Frazão, Gabriela Carneiro Da Cunha Text editing Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha, João Marcelo Iglesias Sound design Felipe Storino, Bruno Carneiro Costumes Carla Ferraz Light design Cibele Forjaz Installation design Carla Ferraz, Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha Installation production Carla Ferraz, Cabeção, Ciro Schou Visual design Rodrigo Barja Body work Paulo Mantuano, Mafalda Pequenino Research Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha, João Marcelo Iglesias, Cibele Forjaz, Clara Mor, Dinah De Oliveira, Eliane Brum, Sonia Sobral, Mafalda Pequenino, Eryk Rocha Photography Nereu Jr., Clara Mor, Rafael Frazão Teaser Renato Vallone, Rafael Frazão Production management Gabriela Gonçalves

  • Production

    Production Corpo Rastreado, Aruac Filmes Coproduction MITsp – São Paulo International Theater Festival, FarOFFa Festival International distribution Judith Martin / Ligne Direct

    Premiere March 2019, MITsp – Mostra Internacional de Teatro de São Paulo

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