To enable active participation in cultural life, the Wiener Festwochen have developed a number of formats to facilitate encounters and create spaces for personal experiences. These cultural mediation activities are based on the specific needs of potential future audiences and emphasise diversity. They convey content and promote discourse skills, make art and culture tangible, and help build new communities. The workshops, community projects and special activities for schools always relate to the artistic projects featured at the Festival.
In addition to the advertised open workshops and master classes, the Wiener Festwochen is in collaboration with various Viennese institutions to offer a range of activities aimed at specific target groups. Marion Siéfert and Jussara Belchior among others will be giving workshops to upper secondary school pupils. Students from actors’ and directors’ courses will be able to sit in on the rehearsals of The Wooster Group in Vienna and obtain an exclusive insight into the work method of this legendary theatre group. As part of an exchange with the Association of Vienna Youth Centres, young people will get to peek behind the scenes of the festival.

If you are interested in our cultural mediation programme please email to kulturvermittlung@festwochen.at

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The Wiener Festwochen would like to thank their partners