Venue dasWERK
Price EUR 20
28 May
Time 9pm
© Pita 2022
© Peter Gumaskas
© Jim C Nedd
© Bernadette Reiter
© Bela Borsodi
© Ines Bacher
© Rob Davison
© Tina Frank
© Mauricio Guillen
© David Visnjic
© Milica Balubdzic
© Thukia
© MB
© Sebastian Stadler
© Christiano Tekirdali
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  • A tribute to Peter Rehberg

    by Mark Harwood to read here.

The Wiener Festwochen are dedicating a long night of music to the memory of Viennese musician and founder of the Editions Mego label, Peter Rehberg, who died in 2021. The artist Gisèle Vienne recalls: ‘Peter Rehberg, Isabelle Piechaczyk and I first met in January 2001, in Vienna. Following that long conversation, Peter and I went on to work together for 20 years. Isabelle Piechaczyk was always hugely supportive, regardless of the artistic format that emerged as a result. Our collaborative work encompasses twelve performances, with Peter Rehberg mainly performing live on extensive tours, nine albums, exhibitions, installations, a radio play, a book and, most recently, a film. The albums were released under the names Peter Rehberg, DACM and KTL (together with Stephen O’Malley). Peter Rehberg’s influence was huge: through the unique and inspiring work he contributed to all our collaborations, through his tremendous knowledge of music, and as an innovative and idiosyncratic label manager. In this pivotal role, he had a lasting impact on music as well as on the performing and contemporary arts. All of which made him a leading figure in the arts since the mid-1990s. His influence is set to continue for a long time to come.’


Caterina Barbieri
Electric Indigo
Electric Indigo kann leider krankheitsbedingt (Covid) ganz kurzfristig nicht bei 'Tribute to Peter Rehberg and Editions Mego' auftreten.
Stattdessen wird ihren Slot am Floor 1 von 04 - 06h Pure spielen!

Finlay Shakespeare
General Magic & Tina Frank
Inou Ki Endo
Jung An Tagen
Nik Colk Void
Russell Haswell
Tin Man

    • Artistic Team

      Curated by Isabelle Piechaczyk In collobaration with Gisèle Vienne With Caterina Barbieri, Chra, Electric Indigo, Fennesz, Finlay Shakespeare, General Magic & Tina Frank, Hecker, Inou Ki Endo, Jung An Tagen, KMRU, Nik Colk Void, Russell Haswell, Tin Man

    • Production

      A commission and production by Wiener Festwochen

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