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Though a member of the legendary House of LaBeija since 2011, it was actually outside the New York scene that Leggoh took his first steps as a voguing performer. YouTube videos, some of which he made in his own bedroom back in California, were his tool of choice for building his initial fan community, at first connecting with the East Coast ballroom kids on a purely virtual level. He ultimately went straight from that to his official debut with a walk at one of New York’s legendary Latex Balls. And since then, Leggoh—now with MikeQ’s Qween Beat crew as a dancer and a commentator—has been viewed as one of the scene’s rising stars. With his signature forms of expression, Leggoh LaBeija is an inspiration for every dance floor—and his appearance as a commentator at HYPERREALITY will give rise to an atmosphere that’s one of a kind!

Soundcloud Leggoh

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