Divoli S'vere

Divoli S’vere is viewed as one of the modern ballroom scene’s most important figures, and he’s also part of producer legend MikeQ’s vogue powerhouse Qween Beat as a DJ, a producer, a remixer, and a vocalist. The style that Divoli S’vere stands for is a many-layered fusion of raw house sounds, voguing culture, and elements of modern mainstream sounds. His mixes and edits put an entirely new spin on pop and R&B, transferring songs’ polished surfaces into dark dance floor terrain. His own productions, such as the on-going, digitally released Ckuntinomksz Mixtape series, are regularly featured in sets by DJs like Fade 2 Mind’s Kingdom and Venus X. Even CNN calls Divoli S’vere’s tracks »one of the rawest and fiercest styles in the ballroom world«.

Soundcloud Divoli S'vere

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