Into the City

Island of Unpredictable Thinking

© Ines Bacher
© Ines Bacher
© Ines Bacher
Archipelago. Insel des unvorhersehbaren Denkens (Archipelago. Island of Unpredictable Thinking) is an artistic project in Vienna’s main public library. The library, which is frequented by thousands of people every day, serves as a place for thought processes and forms the centre of the project. What issues are these people currently reflecting on? What are they reading and what are they looking for? What unexpected connections arise between the people and the media they use in the library?
The artworks on display in the main library, as well as the performances, films, workshops and discursive items on the programme, focus on the significance of a pulsating mental space, as represented by the main library, which can be likened to a steamboat being carried downstream with the current of the city.
Édouard Glissant’s Poetics of Relation forms an important starting point for the project. The Martinican writer, poet and philosopher uses the word »archipelic« to describe a »non-systematic, inductive way of thinking, exploring the unforeseen of the world-totality«.
Works by Vienna-based artists are displayed in the interior and the exterior of the library. In a centrally located studio, Škart, an artist collective from Belgrade, produces news and messages coming from the archipelago of daily streams of thoughts.

The exhibition’s accompanying programme includes a film series, talks and educational formats, as well as workshops for users, visitors and staff of the main library.

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