© Claudia Kent
In contemporary productions, experimental electronic music often serves to vent feelings of frustration and aggression by way of fragmented beats in post-Dadaist arrangements. At first listen, this is also the impression made by Ziúr’s debut LP U Feel Anything? (Planet Mu Records). But beneath her record’s raw surface, one discovers a subtly dark and subdued atmosphere. Ziúr’s tracks, with their fine sense of rhythm and detail, are inspiring on the dance floor as well as on headphones, suggestive of pitched-down Justin Bieber fused with Brian Eno or Chino Amobi. These seemingly irreconcilable sounds stand for a new generation of techno producers whose tracks and mixes convey a strong sense of formal and substantive freedom. Ziúr is part of the Discwoman collective and organises the Berlin event series Boo-Hoo.

Soundcloud Ziúr

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