© Maria Jose Govea
Tygapaw is the stage name used by the Jamaican-born and currently Brooklyn-based producer, event promoter, and DJ Dion McKenzie. Her Fake Accent parties have by now become a fixture of alternative club culture and represent one of  New York´s most innovative contexts for relevant electronic music. What’s more, these monthly events provide young queer and trans people of colour with a regular platform for trying out new sounds and expressive forms. Tygapaw’s style as a DJ combines Jamaican influences and her own personal storehouse of intense New York nightlife experience to result in an expressive mix with a big sensory impact. Dubbed „Sultry Club“ by Tygapaw herself, it’s a sound that blends 90’s R&B with futuristic, hi-tech vibes and dancehall elements to skilfully question old clichés associated with Jamaican forms of representation.

Soundcloud Tygapaw

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