Tiefer Schweb

Christoph Marthaler

A Holding Centre

© Thomas Aurin
© Thomas Aurin
An expert committee on a secret mission meets in an underwater pressure chamber at the deepest point of Lake Constance, commonly known as the “Tiefer Schweb”. Such complex issues as bacteria-contaminated lake water and an overcrowded, floating village for non-European refugees in the middle of this lake literally rest on the shoulders of the eight committee members.
Christoph Marthaler, master of all that is whimsical and bizarre, presents a civil service revue about eager representatives of an old world with a supranational sense of duty. As they try to find solutions to serious problems, they seem increasingly helpless and lost. Observing this world, which is at once familiar and strange, absurdly isolated and perhaps already lost, the audience is subjected to a strange and seemingly inextricable entanglement of feelings.

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