Therese Terror

Therese Terror is a Vienna-based DJ, musician, promoter, and Geschäftsmann. She co-organizes the femdex platform and its Utopia 3000 party series while also curating the Zur Gönnerin series, an evening combining debut sets by female-identified artists with more established local DJs and performers. Never tired, Therese Terror was also invited to curate the music program at the Viennese festival Electric Spring’s 2018 edition. Her typically house- and techno-focused DJ-sets embrace a wide range of styles from driving acid to leftfield electronica and pop anthems. Always maintaining a great sensitivity to the dance floor, Terror keeps her music complex and demanding in the best possible sense, making her a versatile DJ who’s suited equally to open-air sundowner parties and to peak time slots in dark, throbbing techno club settings.

Soundcloud Therese Terror

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