The Walking Forest

Christiane Jatahy

Inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth

© Aline Macedo
© Aline Macedo
The interdisciplinary work of Brazilian theatre and film director Christiane Jatahy is both a political and a poetic commentary on social realities and a world in crisis. The Walking Forest is inspired by the main themes in Shakespeare’s Macbeth – the effects of political greed, corruption, fear and violence  – and an invitation to a participatory experience somewhere between fact and fiction. The audience enters a large scale immersive video installation and is confronted with the tough realities of young individuals severely affected by oppressive power structures. Slowly a mysterious, surreal narrative begins to develop with and among the visitors. Subtly and with a poignant emotional intensity, Jatahy obliterates the borders between genres, gets the audience moving and the tragedy of everyday life to the surface. The Walking Forest is a strong appeal to the power of the collective will of society to make a change.

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