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Irish producer and DJ Sega Bodega, whose home base is in London, is viewed as one of the most versatile representatives of a hypermodern electronic music scene to come along in recent years. As a producer, he’s closely associated with the influential club label Crazylegs, on which his current EP ESS B and the follow-up single Nivea were both released. Apart from his work with complex, hi-tech club sounds, Sega Bodega has a strong interest in film music: his show Sega Bodega’s Soundtrack Series for London radio station NTS serves up a monthly presentation of soundtracks from cult film classics in combination with his own reinterpretations, remixes, and dance floor ballads. A highlight here is his three-part homage to films by Japan’s legendary Studio Ghibli. Alongside his solo works, Sega Bodega actively collaborates with other artists—above all as a co-founder of the label and collective NUXXE, where he regularly works on new tracks and live appearances together with the French singer and producer coucou chloe and Britain’s Shygirl.

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Shygirl is a London-based artist whose musical roots extend deep into the underground of that city’s club scene. As an avid collaborator, she teamed up with Sega Bodega and coucou chloe to found the collective and label known as NUXXE, the latter of which was launched with the release of MSRYNVR, her first EP. Shygirl’s own tracks, live appearances, and DJ sets, which grow out of her intuitive understanding of the specific codes and genres that populate electronic dance music’s long history, exhibit R&B, hip hop, and grime influences combined with house and the ballroom sounds of New York’s voguing scene. At HYPERREALITY, Shygirl will be heard together with producer Sega Bodega from London, whom she most recently provided with powerful vocals for his 2017 release ESS B.

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