REAL GEIZT will present his album Wie prophezeit, which he originally announced 17 years ago, for the first time live in a special performance commissioned by Wiener Festwochen. This live appearance will see REAL GEIZT bring along a team of instrumentalists and visualists to F23.
»It was during the late ’90s that REAL GEIZT first haunted the sonic worlds of West Berlin’s underground (in a way that was audible to human beings). Though he exists outside chronological time, he is indeed quite punctual. It was thus that his album Wie prophezeit, announced in 2000 as due for release 17 years later, was indeed released exactly at Easter in 2017. And for HYPERREALITY, Wiener Festwochen’s festival of club culture, Taktlo$$— as a medium of transmission—will attempt to translate this celebration of the creation of REAL GEIZT’s superego into a creative radiance of the musical variety for the very first time live. In other words: REAL GEIZT, the one of the one-all, the spiritually omnipresent, will permit himself to be intuited as his self-creating creator-self.
The physical locus of such an un-grounding will be designed by exc (Düsseldorf/NYC), an artist collective that will use bits of wire and twigs to reflect the rays and waves within which REAL GEIZT moves. And alongside selected instrumentalists, an appearance will also be made by Splidttercrist, who will contrast with the eternal becoming of the GEIZT-as-spirit by virtue of his permant inability to die. F23 will thus witness ulTimate form and pure consummation in their unity.«


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