© Michael Cox
© Eric Johnson
quest?onmarc is one of the newest members of the growing family surrounding MikeQ’s New York Qween Beat collective. With a sound that effortlessly ranges all across the global underground, the sets by Qween Beat’s own “Rave Qween” stand out for their creative turntable skills and unexpected cultural clashes. Constant sources of inspiration for quest?onmarc are his experiences on the dance floors of local raves and—not least—the ballroom events of New York’s voguing scene. And it’s in an equally multifaceted and unpredictable way that the impressions from these underground scenes are reflected in quest?onmarc’s own productions. In the ways in which they play with typical codes, tempi, and styles releases such as ?:ID and ?:II demonstrate a highly individual perspective on these sounds and put a personal and unmistakably unique twist on the ballroom aesthetic.

Soundcloud quest?onmarc

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