Meuko! Meuko!

© Ash Lin
Meuko! Meuko! is the solo project of Taiwanese producer and singer Pon, who previously made a name for herself as the frontwoman of local indie scene heavyweights The Shine & Shine & Shine & Shine. Now, far off from the pop-centred sounds of her former band, this versatile musician’s productions are moving ever-closer to the realm of abstract and futuristic sound design. Her newest output combines complex beats with ephemeral vocal fragments and multi-layered noise collages, reflecting the fascinating chaos of Taiwan’s megacity Taipei. With her regular tours through Taiwan, China, and Japan, Meuko! Meuko! is part of a pulsating pan-Asian underground, the first waves of which are just beginning to tickle the shores of Europe. In 2018, not least thanks to her monthly show on NTS and a planned release on Aïsha Devi’s Danse Noir label, Meuko! Meuko! will be taking further steps towards the global networking of her sounds.

Soundcloud Meuko! Meuko!

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