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With his connections to GHE20G0TH1K and Qween Beat and appearances that range far beyond the dancefloors of New York clubs, LSDXOXO is one of the scene’s most versatile DJs. He’s likewise made a name for himself as a producer with his energetic manipulations of familiar mainstream sounds, and he’s regularly praised in magazines like FACT and Fader. With his newest mixtape Body Mods, LSDXOXO picks up directly where the aesthetics of earlier releases left off in a sleazy mix that brings ’90s rave and jungle sounds together with jazzy breaks and deconstructed Depeche Mode fragments. His own description of Body Mods is as a »compilation mixtape between me and my demons«, a mix of different styles and moods that, among other things, serves to foreshadow his album that’s due out this year. Today, LSDXOXO enjoys the support of a long-established and continually growing global fan base but still remains quite closely linked with the underground scene.

Soundcloud LSDXOXO

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