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Following a series of EPs on labels such as Mannequin, 2017 saw Spanish producer JASSS release her debut album Weightless on iDEAL Recordings. This Swedish label has already spent 20 years plying the stylistic waters between electronic, noise, electro-acoustic, drone, and minimal techno, and it’s the perfect platform for JASSS’s own eclectic sound. Her music embodies a raw mix of diverse styles ranging from industrial dub to wave and on to dark jazz, all cast in a contemporary dancefloor mould by their self-trained producer. This versatile and open approach makes JASSS typical of a new generation of young electronic innovators who playfully bring together disparate sound-elements, thus successively burying the Diktat of adherence to a particular genre. To every age its music. To every club its freedom.

Soundcloud JASSS

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