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NON Worldwide unites a group of African and diaspora musicians into a digital state (the State of NON). Club music is a vehicle with which they make binary and colonial power structures visible. At HYPERREALITY, NON will introduce itself for the first time with a large program in Vienna. Special guests include the performance duo FAKA, the artist Juliana Huxtable, and the sound artists Klein and Dedekind Cut, aka Lee Bannon. 
AS Sirens > Securitaz, a work commissioned by the Wiener Festwochen, is a collaboration of the artist duo Amnesia Scanner with local artists such as FAUNA and Forever Traxx, as well as the Chinese producer Pan Daijing (who resides in Berlin) and the French producer Oklou. The project will revive the historic ballroom in Neugebäude Castle with sound, visuals, and architectural interventions, and activate it with performances. The setting breaks with classical visual axes and linear sequences of a club evening and thus turns the expectations of club visitors on their heads. A dark performance by NON artist Yves Tumor, as part of AS Sirens > Securitaz, is another highlight of the evening. There will be club-oriented sounds with the mysterious British duo Rezzett and the Berlin-based Dr. Rubinstein; and, with material freshly released on the cult labels Cheap and Editions Mego, the Viennese shooting stars Jung an Tagen and Alpha Tracks will explore the territory between sound experiment and dance floor.


Amnesia Scanner pres. AS Sirens > Securitaz
Alpha Tracks 
Chino Amobi 
Dr. Rubinstein 
Forever Traxx 
Juliana Huxtable 
Jung An Tagen 
Minou Oram 
Pan Daijing 
Why Be 
Yves Tumor

NON is a collective of African artists, and of the diaspora, using primarily sound to articulate the visible and invisible structures that create binaries in society.


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