© Magdalena Fischer
© Alex Zalewska
© Steffon Grant
© Jonathan Bacinhita
The German words “Spiegelbild Dunkelheit Gut” [Reflection Darkness Good], taken from the track Tanz Kosmisch by REAL GEIZT, might serve as a fitting description for HYPERREALITY’s final evening, which is currently being planned.
Wie prophezeit [As prophesied] is the title of an album he first announced 17 years ago, which will now be performed live for the first time as a commission for Wiener Festwochen. For this occasion, 20 years after Westberlin Maskulin, Taktloss has put together a team of instrumentalists and visualists who will join him in holding up a mirror to that segment of the rap scene that is devoid of both poetry and resistance. 
A dark and gripping atmosphere emanates from the immersive pieces by composer and turntablist Shiva Feshareki, who is teaming up with organist Kit Downes to make her first appearance in Austria.
Quay Dash’s debut EP Transphobic tells of her experiences and everyday problems with and in LGBTQI communities. No-nonsense storytelling is also to be found in the lyrics of rappers Flohio and Ebow. And on the Club Floor, the mixing and scratching artistry of Detroit electro legend DJ Assault elevates his sets to a breathtakingly fast-paced survey of the history of electronic dance music.

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