© Dicko Chan
© Sailey Williams
© Nick Widmer
© Stefan Fuhrer
© Mauro Puccini
Paola Kudacki © Paola Kudacki
“Infiltration” is a practice that artists situated at the interface with pop music frequently employ in order to deal with pressing issues of our times. And since the release of her current album Take Me Apart, the American musician Kelela has undoubtedly arrived as one of the most brilliant representatives of a new generation of verbally eloquent pop divas. Her songs tell of interpersonal power dynamics and expose the patriarchal social structures that function according to identical principles. 
2018 sees HYPERREALITY once again place a major emphasis on also lending visibility to representatives of music-related movements outside the mainstream. The dance style known as voguing, whose roots reach back to the 1960s, emerged from New York’s gay underground during the ’80s and has continued to develop ever since, thriving right up to the present in the community-building organisational form of its “houses”. Today, however, it’s broadened its reach to serve a global crowd of queer, non-conforming individuals as an important means of expression. MikeQ, head of Qween Beat Records, is appearing as a representative of New York’s vogue scene to present a showcase of his label together with dancers, MCs, and DJs. And finally, acts including Nina Kraviz, Electric Indigo, and Gabber Eleganza will draw an arc between the most varied flavours of techno-derived club music.

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