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In the music world, the term "future" is used quite often - but it is much more difficult to grasp the term "now“. While terms such as "contemporary" are still anchored in a Eurocentric world of values, "futurism" is no longer a vision of the future. In the era of hypercommunities, social media, and high-performance smartphones, this is a fact of our time.
A musician who has also formally incorporated this circumstance is Holly Herndon. She also describes her laptop as a "hyper-emotional" instrument because of its ubiquitous presence in our everyday life. Together with the artist Mat Dryhurst, the performer Colin Self, and a choir, Holly Herndon will perform for the first time with a new live show at the Wiener Festwochen. A co-production with her is also recorded on the debut album by US American Jlin, which was voted best in the year 2015 in the British Wire Magazine. Artists like Equiknoxx and Mafia Boyz SA also work in the dynamic environment of a constantly fluctuating "now", bordering formal genre clichés. Anchored in local genres such as footwork or dancehall, they have developed their own aesthetics. A further emphasis is on the Portuguese label Príncipe.
In a showcase at HYPERREALITY, six musicians will present the different shades of this innovative club music from the Lisbon suburbs, whose roots lie in the Angolan music genres Kuduro and Tarraxinha.
Further guests include Tropic of Cancer, Carla dal Forno, and Raime, musicians who deal with club music from very different perspectives, but share the same attitude: an audible influence of Industrial and Goth. 


Carla dal Forno 
DJ Firmeza
DJ Nigga Fox
Equiknoxx pres. Bird Sound Power 
Holly Herndon 
Mafia Boyz SA 
Nan Kolè 
Nidia Minaj
Sky H1 
Sonata In Ш by Jung An Tagen; Battle-ax; Haskii; Der Kleine Kreis
Tropic of Cancer

Príncipe is a record label from Lisbon. It is fully dedicated to releasing contemporary dance music coming out of this city, its suburbs, projects & slums.

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