© Emile Barret
© Daniel Shea
© Magdalena Fischer
The opening night of this year’s HYPERREALITY is devoted to new perspectives and experiments. It’s within the matrix of the pop world that the Venezuelan musician, producer, and singer Arca explores new ways in which to transgress limits. Following productions for Björk and Kanye West, Arca has succeeded in positioning himself as an electronic artist who is met with curiosity and astonishment worldwide. The Vienna-based Iranian musician Fauna, accompanied by an ensemble of live musicians, is presenting her new LP Infernum in a release show conceived specifically for Wiener Festwochen; visuals by AMEN will lend Fauna’s atmospheric, dystopian tracks a visual dimension. And Swiss-Nepalese artist Aïsha Devi will be introducing her new, vocals-focused album in an audio-visual show. Her musical output sees elements of electronic avant-garde, techno, and traditional Asian music converge around a biographical narrative.

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