Haptic Field

Chris Salter, TeZ

© Aina Wang/CAC Shanghai
© Aina Wang/CAC Shanghai
© Aina Wang/CAC Shanghai

In Haptic Field, a participatory, immersive installation by Chris Salter and TeZ, we are part of an experiment in which touch, seeing (beyond the eyes), and listening merge into an overwhelming experience. The visitors wear jumpsuits and anoraks, designed by the Chinese fashion label JNBY, into which sensors and vibrating drive elements are incorporated. A hood obscures the vision almost completely. In this outfit, the visitors enter a hallucinatory, dreamlike environment in which nothing is as it seems. All at once, the participants are blindly guided by the enigmatic patterns of vibrations that wander through the clothes, and the shimmering of light and darkness. You cannot see anything, there is no feeling for the space around you and you find yourself in a swirling melting pot of different sensory experiences, in which your customary reliance on vision retreats into the background.

Haptic Field creates a space for experiencing and reflecting on tactile perception, one of our least researched senses. The participants experience a disturbing and at the same time pleasantly sensual experience, which goes beyond the limits of their own body.


Visual Arts


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