Gregg Evisu XL

© Michael Divine
It was in the mid-2000s, after having spent his first few years in the New Jersey and New York ballroom scenes as a dancer, that Gregg Evisu XL launched his career as an MC and commentator at local balls. And it wasn’t long before he’d become the first member of MikeQ’s freshly sprouted Qween Beat crew, working together with Mike to produce his debut Chronicles of the Twisted Chanter. 2008 saw the release of his successor EP Chronicles Pt. 2, which became and has since remained one of the Qween Beat label’s greatest successes and now occupies a permanent place on dance floors all across the voguing scene. Moreover, that EP’s lead single Vogue Train reached circles far beyond the underground, and his fans now include rappers such as Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, and Pepa (of Salt-n-Pepa). Today, Gregg Evisu XL is in great demand internationally and appears all around the world as a DJ—and at HYPERREALITY, he’ll present state-of-the-art ballroom culture together with his Qween Beat colleagues!

Soundcloud Gregg Evisu XL

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