Gaddafi Gals

© Dorka Csora
© Malik Abdoulayi
Despite the compulsion to bellow ever louder in the best Trumpian manner in order to be heard in today’s musical mainstream, musicians like the Gaddafi Gals prefer to swim against the current. It’s in a thoroughly minimalist way that the productions of this trio—consisting of blaqtea (a.k.a. Ebow), slimgirl fat (a.k.a. Nalan), and producer walter p99 arke$tra—move between rap, hip hop, and R&B. The name Gaddafi Gals brings to mind the fall of powerful men—in this case Libyan strongman Muammar Al-Gaddafi, who was protected by an “elite group” of women. This “Amazonian Guard” contrasted starkly with the role of women in the Arab world propagated by Gaddafi, indicating a certain double-standard in this failed dictator’s purportedly egalitarian ideology.
With their new EP The Death of Papi, Gaddafi Gals continue playing with roles and role models. Fragile-sounding beats marked by a certain nostalgia for early-2000s genres coalesce with the Gals’ lyrics to form a harmonious whole delivered with a pop attitude. German magazine Musikexpress has already named these three »2018’s Newcomers of the Year«, and the scene publication Juice goes so far as to call them »the future of hip hop«. For HYPERREALITY, Gaddafi Gals will be presenting their new material for the first time live in Vienna.

Soundcloud Gaddafi Gals

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