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With his mix of dancehall, reggaeton, and British garage sounds, the Manchester-based, Colombian-born producer Florentino has emerged as one of the most in-demand newcomers to the electronic club scene, on an upward trajectory that’s reinforced by beeing part of the local collective Swing Ting. Even  the hyped Jamaican producer-duo Equiknoxx call Swing Ting a “spiritual home” for their own eclectic dancehall experiments situated far beyond the confines of traditional macho clichés. An article accompanying Florentino’s exclusive mix for FACT quite fittingly introduces him as a »reggaeton romantic«—and in his own productions, remixes and edits, such as for Ryuichi Sakamoto, he manoeuvres between different genres and atmospheres with sublime intuition. Since 2017, Florentino has been on the Brooklyn label Mixpak Records, where he joins Vybz Kartel and Palmistry as figureheads of an international new-school dancehall family.

Soundcloud Florentino

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