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The all-caps heading of FARCE’s SoundCloud profile description reads: CRYING AT THE DISCOTHEQUE. And particularly right there where one reads it, this quotation nicely sums up the works of Veronika König: her creative output fluctuates between the digital realm, a DIY mind-set, pop infiltration, and the dance floor of said “discotheque” as a fluid space of negotiation. FARCE’s productions mix noisy sound aesthetics with compressor-concealed singing and lyrics lifted directly from everyday experience. FARCE’s debut EP Ich sehe im vorbeifahrenden Auto den Unfall mitvorbeifahren, in Zeitlupe und rueckwaerts appeared in 2017 on Meta Matter Records, where only its title would seem to be proverbially at home. Alongside her gripping solo show, FARCE will also appear at HYPERREALITY as part of the festival-commissioned work to be presented by Gaddafi Gals.

Soundcloud FARCE

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