Electric Indigo

© Michael Breyer
Active as a DJ since the Viennese techno scene’s earliest days, Electric Indigo has become a local legend and is internationally known for championing an uncompromising, ever-investigative electronic sound. As part of the global techno movement, she forged close links with its pioneers in Detroit and Berlin, and belonged to the legendary Hard Wax crew during the early 1990s. Since then, Electric Indigo’s own releases and regular appearances around the globe have continued bridging the gap between club sounds and avant-garde experiments. And on her first solo LP 5 1 1 5 9 3, as well, she lays down a broad panorama of dark club sounds with intricate rhythms and atmospheric sound designs. This LP was released on the renowned Berlin label Imbalance Music in March 2018.
2018 also marks the 20-year anniversary of female:pressure. In founding this platform, Electric Indigo laid a fundamental cornerstone for the international networking of female, transgender and non-binary artists  in electronic music that continues contributing to female artists’ greater visibility today.
We’re  very happy to be able to celebrate this jubilee together!

Soundcloud Electric Indigo

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