DJ Warzone

© Wera Hippesroither
DJ Warzone —a.k.a. Cihad Johnson a.k.a. the great Deniz Altun—embodies pure punk, metal, gabber, love, and ghetto underground. There is a side in his productions, where all these influences from music and arts come together: in the soundscapes of his post-industrial techno compositions These are pieces full of texture and grain, filled with layers of sound that move between the borders of dark wave and experimental avant-garde interspersed here and there with punk nostalgia and Detroit futurism. DJ Warzone ’s appearence at HYPERREALITY is going to be a noisy and bumping ride.. In a perfect balance of improvisation and fully fledged ideas, his live-sets are always a perfomance in the very moment. Regardless of the equipment he is using—drummachines, a laptop or even a smartphone hardware, computer, even smartphone—DJ Warzone likes to take risks in order to offer a great full-on body experience.

Soundcloud DJ Warzone

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