DJ Lycox

© Marta Pina
Lisbon-based label Príncipe is one of the most important points of contact for the latest developments in the musical styles of batida and post-kuduro. Through the pioneering work of Príncipe, a thrilling form of African-influenced dance music has begun to reach for beyond its local roots. At a HYPERREALITY Showcase in 2017, several of Príncipe’s protagonists demonstrated impressively how their sound embodies up-to-date club music in the best possible sense. DJ Lycox is likewise no newcomer to the scene, as his first release on Príncipe showed. Alongside the strong musical influence of his African roots, DJ Lycox used Sonhos & Pesadelos as an occasion to search for additional inspiration from across the diverse spectrum of European club music. Its melding of electronic House Sounds with with  Afro-Portuguese tarraxo rhythms gave rise to a gqom-like musical hybrid that stands for the formal reversal of postcolonial dynamics.

Soundcloud DJ Lycox

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