Cakes da Killa

© Eric Johnson
Since his release of The Eulogy at the very latest, Cakes Da Killa has been known as one of the most promising talents of New York’s queer rap underground. Also celebrated by magazines like Pitchfork, Afropunk, and Fader, this young rapper has been called »one of hip hop’s most exciting new voices« (The Needle Drop) and compared with his role models like Li’l Kim. Cakes Da Killa’s tracks stand out for their intelligent wordplay and the raw intensity of his flow. He also disregards the usual clichés of the hip hop world while lending urgent themes of the LGBTIQ and queer community playful lightness. And with every release, he continues to speak out against homophobic prejudices, proud to say: »And I spit that shit to make a homophobe a hypocrite.« (Get Right (Get Wet))

Soundcloud Cakes da Killa

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