Byrell The Great

© Eric Johnson
Byrell The Great is viewed as one of the New York kiki scene’s top-drawer DJs. In the voguing community, kiki balls are distinguished from their bigger sisters—the ballroom events—by their younger audiences and more open atmospheres. Kikis function as a kind of testing grounds where dancers as well as DJs can try out and experiment with different styles. With Byrell The Great’s growing popularity in this scene, it wasn’t long before he’d also made a name for himself as a producer. And his own tracks, just like his sets, stand for a mixture of the classic and the new. Bits and pieces of canonised standards by Masters at Work, Tronco Beats, and Beyoncé meet up with new-school sounds by Nicki Minaj or by Qween Beat colleagues like Capital K’aos, quest&onmarc, and TRICK$. These days, Byrell The Great is also a frequently booked DJ in ballrooms with legendary queens, and as a member of MikeQ’s crew and a representative of the vogue sound, he regularly tours around the world.

Soundcloud Byrell The Great

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