Born in Flamez

© Lisanne Schulze
In performances refined and artful, Born in Flamez undermines preconceived notions of identity, bypassing musical genre-boundaries as well as any specific gender markers. With a clear penchant for melodious hooks, the Berlin artist draws on a spectrum running from grime to industrial pop to noise. At live shows, their emotional and energetic sounds—along with hypnotic visuals—invite one to join them in diving into a futuristic world. Masked and liberated from both context and identity, Born in Flamez appears on stage as a transhuman experiment, bearing witness to the deeply personal in emphatically powerful tracks. It was back in Born in Flamez’s very early days that they caught the attention of Modeselektor’s Monkeytown Records, which released their debut Time Hurtz on the compilation Modeselektion Vol. 3. This was followed by appearances at renowned festivals (including the CTM and Fusion), the EP Polymorphzus on Unreal Audio, and their newest release Careful You Might Tear the Sound on the club label Infinite Machine.

Soundcloud Born in Flamez 

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